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  • Why I Wish I Had Shingles

    Dear Mom and Dad, Last Sunday afternoon I went to Urgent Care because I had the worst earache that anyone has ever had in the entire history of man.  After a mere two hour wait, I saw Dr. Biggles.  He… Read More ›

  • A Great Way to End My Day


  • Why I scared the guy at 7-11 today

    Normally, when a guy gives you a double-take, it is meant as a compliment.  At least, this is how I prefer to interpret the move.  Unfortunately, by the look on the stranger’s face this morning in the parking lot of… Read More ›

  • Dementia 101

    The flight that was scheduled to leave at 2:10 pm today is still sitting on the tarmac at 5:45, with me sitting in seat 4D. At 4:00 the pilot announced that we’d be getting an update at 21:30.  Because we… Read More ›

  • Long Island

    Today I am flying to La Guardia Airport and then driving to Long Island to visit with a new client.  I’ll be helping them with marketing strategy until Wednesday afternoon.  I am a little nervous about this trip.  This is… Read More ›

  • Home Parties

    I get invited to a lot of home parties because my friends know I’m good for a $50 spend.  It doesn’t matter whether the hostess is hawking candles, cookware, or jewelry, I’ll buy something so she can get her bonus… Read More ›

  • Why I Love Summer

    I’ve just come from the local Farmer’s Market.  I have red, luscious sun-ripened tomatoes, peaches that actually smell like peaches, ruby red raspberries, plums that dribble juice down your chin when you bite into them, and crispy cucumbers that are… Read More ›

  • Oops

    This is DJ, a wonderful waiter at the Bonefish Grill right off Route 28 in Centreville.  This is the conversation we had this evening: “DJ, I have a problem.” “Yes, ma’am?” “I have just finished exchanging texts with the friend… Read More ›

  • Ta Dahhhhh

    I’m delighted to announce that my book, “Did I Say That Out Loud?” is available for purchase on  You can buy the e-book or the print version.  The book has been a long time coming, and I couldn’t have… Read More ›

  • My Tuesday

    Dear Bob, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the officer is going to buy my book. The bad news is that the profits from the sale will not cover the 70 in a 55… Read More ›