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  • Addictions

    See this photo?  This is my photo of shame.  For some reason, these cookies are like crack cocaine to me.  I have just eaten the entire package and I can feel my body beginning to shut down as it prepares… Read More ›

  • Stupid Sadie

    I’m being stalked by my cat, who thinks she is a dog.  She hides these twisty ties around the house and then brings them to me and begs to play fetch.  I have to throw it and she runs after… Read More ›

  • A Little Gas Problem

    Well, the saga of my ongoing dive into dementia continued this morning when I stopped by 7-11 after my workout to get some gas and buy a coffee.  After putting the nozzle into the car’s gas tank and setting the… Read More ›

  • Why I Wish I Had Shingles

    Dear Mom and Dad, Last Sunday afternoon I went to Urgent Care because I had the worst earache that anyone has ever had in the entire history of man.  After a mere two hour wait, I saw Dr. Biggles.  He… Read More ›

  • A Great Way to End My Day


  • Why I scared the guy at 7-11 today

    Normally, when a guy gives you a double-take, it is meant as a compliment.  At least, this is how I prefer to interpret the move.  Unfortunately, by the look on the stranger’s face this morning in the parking lot of… Read More ›

  • Dementia 101

    The flight that was scheduled to leave at 2:10 pm today is still sitting on the tarmac at 5:45, with me sitting in seat 4D. At 4:00 the pilot announced that we’d be getting an update at 21:30.  Because we… Read More ›