Falling Waters

It has been six months since I moved into my little townhouse in Winchester, VA. There are a lot of stories to tell, but today I’m going to talk about bladders. Mostly mine. Until recently, I had no idea that… Read More ›


See this photo?  This is my photo of shame.  For some reason, these cookies are like crack cocaine to me.  I have just eaten the entire package and I can feel my body beginning to shut down as it prepares… Read More ›

Dementia 101

The flight that was scheduled to leave at 2:10 pm today is still sitting on the tarmac at 5:45, with me sitting in seat 4D. At 4:00 the pilot announced that we’d be getting an update at 21:30.  Because we… Read More ›

Humor at the Hospital

Bob and I arrived at the hospital this morning.  Walking up to the nurses’ station, he said, “I’m Bob Harman, I’m here for my colonoscopy.” “May I see your I.D., please?” asked the nurse. “Why would you need my I.D.? … Read More ›

Health Coaching

“Hello, is this Kelly Harman?” “Yes.” “This is the Lockheed Martin Health Coach Program.  We’re calling for your six week check-in.” “Fine.  Coach away.” “Well, Mrs. Harman, first I need to double check that your records are correct and then… Read More ›

Just Say No

Kelly:  I’m looking forward to your dinner party on Sunday.  What can I bring? Anonymous:  Well, you know those muscle relaxers you have? Kelly: Wow.  Most people respond with ‘a bottle of wine’ or ‘a dessert’.  Not a drug order…. Read More ›