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  • Directionally Challenged

    My sister and I are directionally challenged.  She once commented that if people understood just how bad we are at figuring out how to get anywhere, they would give us special handicapped stickers.  We’d have something on the back of… Read More ›

  • Sisterly Love

    This is a perfect example of sisterly love.  I went on a cruise the first week of March and requested a one-time International access plan from Verizon.  It never worked, so when I returned, I called customer service and was… Read More ›

  • Upgrades & Stickys

    I am eligible to upgrade my 5S iPhone to a 6S. I know this because Verizon has helpfully sent me a reminder email about once a month for the past 18 months, mentioned it on my monthly invoice, and pointed… Read More ›

  • Cruising and Boozing

    I’m pretty excited about the fact that I’m going on a cruise next week.  This will be my first cruise ever, and I get to spend it with seven very, very wonderful women, so I don’t see how this could… Read More ›

  • Falling Waters

    It has been six months since I moved into my little townhouse in Winchester, VA. There are a lot of stories to tell, but today I’m going to talk about bladders. Mostly mine. Until recently, I had no idea that… Read More ›

  • Well, hello there!

    Its been a very quiet 17 months, hasn’t it?  At least it has been on this blog.  I’ve been a writer that doesn’t write for a long while now.  I missed it very much.  Like when you walk around feeling… Read More ›

  • Addictions

    See this photo?  This is my photo of shame.  For some reason, these cookies are like crack cocaine to me.  I have just eaten the entire package and I can feel my body beginning to shut down as it prepares… Read More ›

  • Stupid Sadie

    I’m being stalked by my cat, who thinks she is a dog.  She hides these twisty ties around the house and then brings them to me and begs to play fetch.  I have to throw it and she runs after… Read More ›

  • A Little Gas Problem

    Well, the saga of my ongoing dive into dementia continued this morning when I stopped by 7-11 after my workout to get some gas and buy a coffee.  After putting the nozzle into the car’s gas tank and setting the… Read More ›