Ta Dahhhhh

celebrationI’m delighted to announce that my book, “Did I Say That Out Loud?” is available for purchase on Amazon.com.  You can buy the e-book or the print version.  The book has been a long time coming, and I couldn’t have finished it without the support of Bob.  In addition to being an endless source of inspiration and material for my stories, he is also my biggest fan.  I love you, Bob!

(P.S.  If you do buy the book, please take a moment to submit a review on Amazon.com.  Thanks so much!)

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  1. Congratulations, Kelly!! You did it! I’ve put a copy on my wishlist at Amazon waiting for one more book for free shipping. I always break out in awful hives if I’m forced to pay shipping costs, I’m sure you understand. ~ Ann

  2. You are a woman on FIRE! Although I’ve read many of your “stories”, I can’t wait to read the entire ensemble put together in this one package. I’ll have to put on double Spanx to keep myself from weeing when laughing out loud chapter by chapter! Congrats my dear friend! Cheers, Vic

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