Why I Love Summer

I’ve just come from the local Farmer’s Market.  I have red, luscious sun-ripened tomatoes, peaches that actually smell like peaches, ruby red summerraspberries, plums that dribble juice down your chin when you bite into them, and crispy cucumbers that are begging to be mixed with dill and sour cream.  I bought some wonderful rib-eye steaks from a local provider, who raises his beef on organic feed.  Then I stopped by the local wine store and purchased a couple bottles of red zin.  From my garden I’ve grabbed some dill and basil for dinner and pineapple sage (to use for tonight’s peach/raspberry tart.)  I’ll put on some Andrea Bocelli and cook the steak on the grill, and bake my tart and savor every moment.  This is what I work so hard for – moments that I can stop and treasure the fact that I’m healthy, happy, and able to spend time with people I love.  What more can I ask for?

Categories: Family, Observations

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  1. That’s some wonderful “gratitude 2013”. Thanks for sharing!

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