Wegost Press

As part of my ongoing adventure in self-publishing (also called artisan publishing), I had to select a name for my publishing company.  This was more difficult than I expected.  I spent a lot of time putting different words in front… Read More ›

Big Announcement

Hi everyone. This is an even bigger announcement than the Mt. Kilimanjaro trip! I am going to be publishing my first book towards the middle of summer (exact date to be announced as soon as I have it). The book… Read More ›


“Bob, do you remember when I bought my Lexus RS430 Convertible?” “Kelly, it was a Lexus SC 430, not RS 430.” “Whatever.  Do you remember when I bought it?” “Yes.  I also remember that you bought it because I told… Read More ›

Planning Ahead

“Pat, it’s Kelly.” “Hey, hon.  What’s up?” “When I die I need you to be in charge of my funeral.” “Kelly, is there something you need to tell me?” “No, don’t be silly.  I’m perfectly fine.  But I had a… Read More ›