This is DJ, a wonderful waiter at the Bonefish Grill right off Route 28 in Centreville.  This is the conversation we had this evening:DJ

“DJ, I have a problem.”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“I have just finished exchanging texts with the friend I was expecting to join me for dinner.  Apparently, there is another Bonefish Grill nearby.”

“Yes, we have one about 5 miles up the road, in Chantilly.”

“Well, I thought I was in Chantilly, but apparently I am not.”

“No, ma’am, you are not.  You are in Centreville.”

“Good grief.  Anyway, I have to go to the other Bonefish Grill, because that is where she is waiting for me.”

“That’s fine, ma’am, I’ll just bring you your check for the glass of wine.”

“Well, DJ, this is where it gets interesting.  I just realized I do not have my wallet with me.”


“DJ, I left my house without my wallet.  So I need to give you my business card so you know who I am.  Then I have to go to the other Bonefish Grill Restaurant and meet my friend. And, I have to tell her that she is going to have to buy me dinner.  Then, if that isn’t bad enough, I’m going to hit her up for some extra cash so I can come back here and pay for this drink.”


“Exactly, DJ.  Wow.  This is sort of humiliating for me.  All I can say is that I’m good for the drink, I swear.  I’ll be back later this evening, after I have tested the bonds of friendship once again.”

“Good luck, ma’am.”

“Thank you, DJ.  I’ll see you again soon.”

P.S.  My friend forgave me, bought my dinner, and gave me $20 for DJ.  When I stopped back at the OTHER Bonefish Grill, I told DJ he needed to buy my book, since he is probably going to show up in Volume II.

Categories: The Unexpected

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