The Unexpected

Upgrades & Stickys

I am eligible to upgrade my 5S iPhone to a 6S. I know this because Verizon has helpfully sent me a reminder email about once a month for the past 18 months, mentioned it on my monthly invoice, and pointed… Read More ›

Home Parties

I get invited to a lot of home parties because my friends know I’m good for a $50 spend.  It doesn’t matter whether the hostess is hawking candles, cookware, or jewelry, I’ll buy something so she can get her bonus… Read More ›


This is DJ, a wonderful waiter at the Bonefish Grill right off Route 28 in Centreville.  This is the conversation we had this evening: “DJ, I have a problem.” “Yes, ma’am?” “I have just finished exchanging texts with the friend… Read More ›

Raining Cats

Sadie has decided to amuse herself by chasing her tail while balancing herself on the stair railing on the second floor.  Unfortunately, she is not a very coordinated cat.  This is a proven fact, based on the time she caught… Read More ›

War of the Roses

Dear Bob, Thank you so much for the two dozen roses you gave me today as an early Mother’s Day present.  They are beautiful.   I must say, however, that I have never received roses with so many instructions.  As… Read More ›