Birds of a Feather

I was ten years old when I discovered I was white.  It happened suddenly, and unexpectedly.  Until then, I don’t think skin color existed for me, at least not on a conscious level, because it never occurred to me that… Read More ›

Showing Off

I’m still on a high over the whole climbing the mountain thing.  My good friend Cynthia deLorenzi interviewed me on Google and I am compelled to share.  Forgive  me.  I will post a new story by the weekend, I promise.

Dung Houses

We visited a Massai village in Kenya, and we were invited into one of their homes. The Massai build their houses out of cow dung. This is my friend Denise and I inside one of these homes.  We are sitting… Read More ›

Day Five

The afternoon of day five. We are at camp and just got fitted for our helmets. We begin hiking at 5 am tomorrow morning – it will be the toughest day. We start early because the rocks are frozen to… Read More ›

Day Four

Day Four – (Actually, by the time I was able to connect it was the morning of Day five) We are at Lava Camp. So far, I’m feeling good. I started taking Diamox yesterday at lunch when I started getting… Read More ›