The Price of Friendship

“Holy cow, Ophelia!  What the hell did you do to your boobs?” “Isn’t it obvious Kelly?  I got a boob job.” “I’ll say.  They are really something.  What made you decide to do this now?” “I just got tired of… Read More ›


“Bob, do you remember when I bought my Lexus RS430 Convertible?” “Kelly, it was a Lexus SC 430, not RS 430.” “Whatever.  Do you remember when I bought it?” “Yes.  I also remember that you bought it because I told… Read More ›

Furniture is Evil

“Bob, I backed into a truck today.” “Good grief, Kelly.  How did that happen?” “I was leaving Greenfront Furniture after trying to find a new couch for the family room.  And I backed into the truck by mistake.” “Don’t you… Read More ›

Running Late

Two hours before my flight departs: “Do you have any questions about this project? I have a flight that leaves in 2 hours and I still have a 45-minute drive to the airport. And you know there’s going to be… Read More ›

Nothing is Sacred

“So, Michael, how are things going with your daughters?” “I’m not sure I’m going to survive and they aren’t even teenagers yet.” “Yes, raising daughters is not for the weak.  But its important that you keep the lines of communication… Read More ›