Rite of Passage

One of the nice things about managing a lot of men is that sometimes you can mess with them just for the hell of it. “Kelly, it’s Michael.” “What’s up?” “I wanted to tell you I’m working from home today. … Read More ›

Planning Ahead

“Pat, it’s Kelly.” “Hey, hon.  What’s up?” “When I die I need you to be in charge of my funeral.” “Kelly, is there something you need to tell me?” “No, don’t be silly.  I’m perfectly fine.  But I had a… Read More ›

Golf Lessons

4:00 pm Tuesday “Hi Dave, do you remember me?” “Yes, of course Kelly.  Its been about 8 years, right?” “Yep.” “So why have you signed up for a golf lesson today?” “I have been invited to attend the mid Atlantic… Read More ›

Dear God,

You may have heard from me earlier today when I was in the grocery store. I pushed my cart past a man taking advantage of our 50 degree weather by wearing an extra small t-shirt that unfortunately did not cover… Read More ›

Botox Conversations

“Bob, I’m getting Botox.” “Why?” “For these two lines between my eyebrows.” “I wouldn’t worry about those, you can hardly see them. I’d worry about all those lines on your forehead.” “….<blink>….” “….<blink>….” “Are you trying to figure out how… Read More ›