Why I hate Walmart

I’m going to go on record saying that I was extremely sleep deprived this afternoon. And aliens took over my body at some point which is why I decided to go to Walmart to pick up 7 items. Standing in line, with 54 people behind me and two people in front of me, after reading People Magazine, US Magazine and the National Enquirer it occurred to me that the cashier had the IQ of a squid.

The guy right in front of me only had 7 items as well, but the woman actually being checked out had about 432 items and “Rosie” the cashier had a comment for just about every one of them. When she finally rang up the last box of tissue, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. That is, until the shopper pulled out a 1/2″ thick wad of coupons.

Just about every other coupon had a problem. Several had to be manually entered, using the extremely tiny printed numbers that Rosie peered at through her coke bottle glasses. The store manager was called over twice to make a call on whether a coupon could be used. I kept wanting to bail, but at that point I had so much time invested, I wasn’t sure I could start all over again. Plus I had already read all the gossip magazines. So I just got more and more annoyed.

We were down to the last 2 coupons totaling $1.75. Naturally, the machine kicked back both as invalid. The woman is arguing that she did too purchase the items but she’s not going to go through all those piles of bags to find them. So Rosie decides to be on the safe side by scrolling back the tape register to look through the 432 items with her coke bottle glasses to find the missing products.

That’s when I snapped. Pushing past the guy waiting in front of me I slapped down a $5 bill and yelled, “I’ll buy the coupons.” I snatched the coupons off the counter and turned to the woman – “keep the change.” Then I turned to Rosie, “Just ring her out,” I hissed.

“I don’t think you can do that,” said Rosie.

“Oh yes she can,” said the guy behind me. And then he started clapping, along with several other people in the line. I turned to the guy in front of me. “Don’t even THINK about pulling out a coupon,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Not a chance,” he said, staring at me with his hands held up.

When Rosie got to me she checked me out without a single word. And when I left she did NOT tell me to have a nice day.

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  1. I have tried checkingout in the Garden department on crowded days, only to walk all the way back there for every employee there to say ” we are not open, you have to check out in the front of the store”, there may be 3 or so in the aisles, but not will open a register. So I think its planned this way. Wal-Mart purposefully closes all registers which forces you to walk the whole store, which then you will most likely pick up additonal items before getting to an open cashier. I believe that they also have only a few lines open which may force you to pick up additonal items while you wait. Wal-Mart understands that by the time you are fed up, you have invested too much time and you will not put the items back. I believe that every psychological factor involved in shopping in the store is thought out and the concepts utilized by Wal-Mart. Think about the store layouts, you can’t walk in an pick up any of the most purchased items, not easily. Picking up your basics requires you walk thru the store, amongst the aisles, past the ailses or thru the aisles. Milk, Eggs and Paper towels, back of the store..

  2. Hello my latest Walmart observation and annoyance.. I have specific items that I like to purchase. A certain brand of juice, a certain brand of cheese, a specific brand of pasta, a particular brand of soap, hand sanitizer etc.. My personal observation is that if a name brand items sells really well, it suddenly disappears off the shelves of Walmart. At times I note that items are replaced by the Walmart brand of the same item. My other observation, Walmart has never been the most clean store, but their quality is further declining. It almost seems as though they don’t care anymore. In the last 6 months, I make it a mission of mine to attempt to avoid Walmart. I purposelly go to smaller stores, Dollar tree, Dollar General etc.. I am looking for a grocery store that is convenient and well stocked so that I can avoid Walmart all together. I attempt one run to Walmart now and try to get everything at once. I now ask does anyone need anything from the Evile(spelling on purpose with (e)) Empire and everyone knows I am going to Walmart.

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