Who’s Cat?

“Kelly, have you ever heard about Schrodinger’s cat?” “No, Bob, I have not.  Does he work at Lockheed Martin?” “No.  Schrodinger was a physicist.  He theorized that if he put his cat in a box with poison and closed the… Read More ›

Birds of a Feather

I was ten years old when I discovered I was white.  It happened suddenly, and unexpectedly.  Until then, I don’t think skin color existed for me, at least not on a conscious level, because it never occurred to me that… Read More ›

Raining Cats

Sadie has decided to amuse herself by chasing her tail while balancing herself on the stair railing on the second floor.  Unfortunately, she is not a very coordinated cat.  This is a proven fact, based on the time she caught… Read More ›

Big Announcement

Hi everyone. This is an even bigger announcement than the Mt. Kilimanjaro trip! I am going to be publishing my first book towards the middle of summer (exact date to be announced as soon as I have it). The book… Read More ›

Signs I Don’t Get

Some road signs make absolutely no sense to me.  If anyone can provide some insight into these three puppies, I would appreciate it: 1.  Driving through the countryside last week I passed a sign that said, “End 45 MPH Speed… Read More ›