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  • Being Thankful

    Two days ago, HGTV Magazine arrived in the mail.  It had a lot of articles about how to celebrate spring by adding “color” to your home.  Most of the ideas were waaaayyyy out of my comfort zone.  However, one suggestion… Read More ›

  • Big Announcement

    Hi everyone. This is an even bigger announcement than the Mt. Kilimanjaro trip! I am going to be publishing my first book towards the middle of summer (exact date to be announced as soon as I have it). The book… Read More ›

  • Treasure Hunting

    In an effort to start purging my closet, I decided to get rid of four purses. Although I was sure they were empty, I figured I better check to make sure. Here is the list of what I found in… Read More ›

  • War of the Roses

    Dear Bob, Thank you so much for the two dozen roses you gave me today as an early Mother’s Day present.  They are beautiful.   I must say, however, that I have never received roses with so many instructions.  As… Read More ›

  • Signs I Don’t Get

    Some road signs make absolutely no sense to me.  If anyone can provide some insight into these three puppies, I would appreciate it: 1.  Driving through the countryside last week I passed a sign that said, “End 45 MPH Speed… Read More ›

  • Passive Aggressive Fun for Everyone

    Fourteen Things to do when you are feeling passive aggressive and annoyed with your husband: 1. Wait until he’s taking a shower, pee (so you can look virtuous) and flush the toilet. Twice. 2. Stack the dishwasher in the most… Read More ›

  • The Moon in My Window

    I caught the moon lurking outside my front door tonight. 

  • Showing Off

    I’m still on a high over the whole climbing the mountain thing.  My good friend Cynthia deLorenzi interviewed me on Google and I am compelled to share.  Forgive  me.  I will post a new story by the weekend, I promise.

  • How I Handled Hurricane Sandy

    Day before the storm: For all my friends not in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and who are worried about us. Please rest easy. Bob made sure our generator was running, we have a bathtub full of water, our canned… Read More ›

  • Being Sick

    I’m sick.  Not the “I need to go to the hospital” kind of sick.  Just the “I need to call my mom and tell her I’m sick so she’ll feel sorry for me” kind of sick.  Normally I would do… Read More ›