Treasure Hunting

pursesIn an effort to start purging my closet, I decided to get rid of four purses. Although I was sure they were empty, I figured I better check to make sure. Here is the list of what I found in four (4) handbags:

(15) pens
(3) stylus
(12) lipsticks
(4) chapsticks
(6) reading glasses
(2) thumb drives
(2) containers of hair styling wax
(1) filled prescription
(1) container of body salt scrub from Whole Foods
(3) bottles of hand lotion
(1) iPod Shuffle
(1) USB wall plug
(1) set of fake tears
(1) half eaten bag of M&Ms
$7.33 in change

I could have a yard sale and just sell what is in my purse. And I still have seven more to go.

Categories: Observations, The Unexpected

3 replies

  1. I found a missing set of keys in my ‘spring’ bag on Sunday. It was just like Christmas!

  2. …how long were you off your meds?? It might explain a few things!!

  3. Hilarious! How could you not finish the M&Ms? 🙂

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