Signs I Don’t Get

funny_road_signs_039Some road signs make absolutely no sense to me.  If anyone can provide some insight into these three puppies, I would appreciate it:

1.  Driving through the countryside last week I passed a sign that said, “End 45 MPH Speed Limit”.  What’s up with that?  I looked for the new speed sign for the next 15 miles and never saw a thing.  So I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be driving faster or slower than 45mph. I finally just took an exit to Route I-95 where I know the speed limit is 60mph.  Everyone knows this means you can drive up to 72mph before you get pulled over.

2.  Driving on I-495 South I passed a sign that said “DUI Enforcement Zone”.  So, does that mean there is actually a zone somewhere on I-495 where I can drive drunk and get away with it?  Or are the troopers simply more vigilant in that particular area?  And where does the zone begin and end?

3.  Yesterday I was driving behind a dump truck that had a sign on the back saying, “Construction Vehicle – Do Not Follow”.  What if we happen to be going the same way?  At what point does someone decide I’m following the truck?  And then what happens?  Do the troopers who are not working in the DUI Enforcement Zone pull me over in the “Do Not Follow” zone?

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  1. The construction vehicle one drives me crazy! I see it all the time and I wonder the exact same thing! Hope you find someone to answer this riddles!

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