Well, hello there!

fearIts been a very quiet 17 months, hasn’t it?  At least it has been on this blog.  I’ve been a writer that doesn’t write for a long while now.  I missed it very much.  Like when you walk around feeling like you’ve forgotten something that you can’t quite put your finger on.  You just know something is missing.

I’ve been wanting to write again for a few months, but have been afraid to start.  You see, I wasn’t sure how to write this first post.  This post is a scary one for me, and I’m hoping the ones that come after today will be wittier, funnier, and less serious.  And that those of you who subscribed to my blog such a very long time ago will stick with me as I work my way back into writing my stories.

A year ago I separated from my husband.  I moved in with a friend (we will call her “D”) and have been working my way through a lot of personal stuff.  That is about as detailed as I’m going to get, which may be surprising coming from a woman who told the whole world about her first bikini wax.  But some stories are not made for the telling, at least not in such a public forum.  I have the hearts of many people to protect and no desire to hurt anyone more than I already have.

Before I could start writing again, I felt that I had to explain my absence. Those of you who followed my blog and purchased my book will remember that many of my stories involved conversations with my husband, often involving DIY projects around our house.  I couldn’t very well just start writing stories about living with D and her dog Spencer, or riff on my opinions of online dating sites, without getting all of you very confused.  And quite frankly, I’ve been sort of frozen inside for the last year.  The words wouldn’t come and I was too scared to say anything out loud.  Which is the antithesis of this blog, isn’t it?

So I’m back, with a world turned upside down in many different ways, but full of stories that are waiting to be told as my new life unfolds.  I’ve missed you guys….



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  1. Well, we’ve missed you, too! Looking forward to more Kelly. xoxoxo

  2. Welcome back!

    Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 00:43:10 +0000 To: prosenstein@hotmail.com

  3. Welcome back Kelly. You were missed and you are loved.

  4. I missed you, too, Kelly! Like a photographer zeroes in on details the rest of us miss, you are gifted to see humor in universal human experiences. Looking forward to your emergence after this chrysalis!

  5. Welcome back, Kelly. I am happy to hear your voice again, my dear. Keep up the writing. I will look forward to hearing your perspective on your new upside down world. Hugs to you.

  6. Welcome back! Life takes turns, doesn’t it.

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