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Serial entrepreneur, loves great wine, good food, loyal friends, happy family and tech toys.

  • United First Class

    This is what the United First Class pod looks like.

  • Coming to Africa

    The next few blog posts are going to be different than usual, as I am in Africa and will be writing about my trip. Hopefully it will include some memorable conversations. This whole trip to Africa (Nairobi, Kenya and Mt…. Read More ›

  • Health Coaching

    “Hello, is this Kelly Harman?” “Yes.” “This is the Lockheed Martin Health Coach Program.  We’re calling for your six week check-in.” “Fine.  Coach away.” “Well, Mrs. Harman, first I need to double check that your records are correct and then… Read More ›

  • Looking for a Hero

    “Hello, is this Julian Graham?” “Yes ma’am.” “Julian, my name is Kelly Harman.  I found your ad on Craig’s list.  You do hardscaping and landscaping, correct?” “Yes ma’am.” “Well Julian, I’m looking for a hero and I’m hoping that you… Read More ›

  • Projects

    Five of the most dangerous words in the English language:  “How hard could it be?”

  • Why the mothers of sons will go to heaven

    “Dr. K, it’s Kelly Harman.  I need to talk to you about the boys.” “Hello Mrs. Harman, how can I help you?” “Well, quite frankly I think at least one of my three boys is has the makings of a… Read More ›

  • Conversations With My Son

    My son Gary and I are only 18 years apart in age, so over the years we’ve had some pretty interesting conversations.  The birth of his daughter Amelia four years ago generated some of the more memorable discussions, a few… Read More ›

  • Squeek

    A conversation with my brother in his studio right before going on his Google+ Talk Show as a guest. “I’m excited about being on your show, Dan.” “I think you’ll do great.  But there is one thing we need to… Read More ›

  • Home Improvement

    <Monday> Dear Bob, Juan and his 3 cousins showed up today to paint the family room and office.  They are making great progress.  Juan noticed all those cracks in the ceiling trim that appeared after the house settled.  He said… Read More ›

  • Love

    “Grandma, who is this?” “His name is George.  I got him when I was a little girl just like you.” “He’s yours?” “Yes, he is mine.  But he is very old so I keep him in a safe and secret… Read More ›