A conversation with my brother in his studio right before going on his Google+ Talk Show as a guest.

“I’m excited about being on your show, Dan.”

“I think you’ll do great.  But there is one thing we need to discuss.”


“There is a mouse in the studio.”

“A mouse?”

“Yes, a mouse.  We DO NOT acknowledge the mouse. Ever.  Do I make myself clear?”

“What if it runs over my foot?”

“Kelly, this is a live show.  You do not – ever – acknowledge the mouse.”

“Good grief.  Okay.”

“Now, another thing.  If you hear a LOUD SNAP, do not acknowledge the snap.”

“Oh my God, Dan.  You have mouse traps out?  They are so inhumane.  Why can’t you just use that sticky paper that catches them live so you can set it free?”

“Well, I tried that with the last mouse, Kelly.  And I had to do my entire show live with that little bastard dancing all over the studio floor.  So now we use real mouse traps.”


Categories: Family

2 replies

  1. This is hilarious especially since I have one unkillable mouse that keeps running past me at the speed of light!

  2. Well, you may want to try the sticky paper, but be prepared for the dance!

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