The Unexpected

Health Coaching

“Hello, is this Kelly Harman?” “Yes.” “This is the Lockheed Martin Health Coach Program.  We’re calling for your six week check-in.” “Fine.  Coach away.” “Well, Mrs. Harman, first I need to double check that your records are correct and then… Read More ›

Home Improvement

<Monday> Dear Bob, Juan and his 3 cousins showed up today to paint the family room and office.  They are making great progress.  Juan noticed all those cracks in the ceiling trim that appeared after the house settled.  He said… Read More ›


NOTE:  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  And the not so innocent. “Hi Gloria!  How are you?” “Hi Kelly, I’m great, thanks.” “Where is Tabitha, I thought she said she was coming out with us tonight.” “Well,… Read More ›

Just Say No

Kelly:  I’m looking forward to your dinner party on Sunday.  What can I bring? Anonymous:  Well, you know those muscle relaxers you have? Kelly: Wow.  Most people respond with ‘a bottle of wine’ or ‘a dessert’.  Not a drug order…. Read More ›

Nothing is Sacred

“So, Michael, how are things going with your daughters?” “I’m not sure I’m going to survive and they aren’t even teenagers yet.” “Yes, raising daughters is not for the weak.  But its important that you keep the lines of communication… Read More ›

Rite of Passage

One of the nice things about managing a lot of men is that sometimes you can mess with them just for the hell of it. “Kelly, it’s Michael.” “What’s up?” “I wanted to tell you I’m working from home today. … Read More ›