The Unexpected

Privacy for a 3 1/2 Year Old

“Grandma, I have to poop!” “Well, let’s go to the bathroom.” “Grandma, you can’t stay in here.  I need my PRIVACY!!!” “Oh, well, what if I turn around and don’t look?” “NO GRANDMA, I CAN DO THIS MYSELF, I NEED… Read More ›

Saved by Stu

Starving for lunch, I rush through security at the airport and stop at the bar to order a sandwich to go.  Suddenly lights begin to flash, alarms begin to ring and a voice blares through the airport, “There has been… Read More ›

Drama in the ER

I have a theory that the only reason married men stay alive is because their wives force them to eat healthy, exercise and visit the doctor when something appears to be wrong.  A perfect example is my husband Bob, who… Read More ›

A Dinner Party

“Bob, we’re having a dinner party tomorrow night.” “You never said anything about a dinner party.” “Yes, I did.  I’ve told you about four times already.” “Who’s coming?” “Ann, Marcie, Pat, Maggie, Denise and the other Anne.” “What, no men? … Read More ›

Great Balls of Fire

If you’ve been married for longer than six and a half minutes then you’ve had a fight with your spouse that seemed extremely horrible at the time but three months later you can’t even remember why you were angry.  This… Read More ›