Just Say No

Kelly:  I’m looking forward to your dinner party on Sunday.  What can I bring?

Anonymous:  Well, you know those muscle relaxers you have?

Kelly: Wow.  Most people respond with ‘a bottle of wine’ or ‘a dessert’.  Not a drug order.

Anonymous:  You asked, Kelly.

Kelly:  I feel like a drug dealer.

Anonymous:  My back is hurting and it is a Friday and I can’t see my chiropractor until next week.  Help a girl out, Kelly.

Kelly:  Fine, I’ll bring three pills as a party favor but that’s it!  You have to see your doctor next week, promise?

Anonymous:  I promise.

Kelly:  And you know, it’s a slippery slope.  First you start asking me for muscle relaxers, next you’re going to want to hit into my stash of Percocet.

Anonymous:  You have Percocet?

Kelly:  Don’t even think about it.


Categories: Health, The Unexpected

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  1. You do realise that when I was a blogging beginner a few days ago I accidentally reblogged you into my blog when I was simple trying to subscribe to yours. I only had a few email followers then but they did get a bit confused so I had to delete your post from my blog – no offence!!! Love your stuff.

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