NOTE:  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  And the not so innocent.

“Hi Gloria!  How are you?”

“Hi Kelly, I’m great, thanks.”

“Where is Tabitha, I thought she said she was coming out with us tonight.”

“Well, with the separation I just don’t think she feels like going out right now.”

“SEPARATION!!  What separation!!”

“Oh dear.”

“Did she and her husband split?”

“I would have thought you knew.”

“No I didn’t know.  Good grief, what happened???”

“Kelly, I am so uncomfortable, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Well, you did so tell me what is going on.”

“Maybe you should wait until you hear about it from Tabitha.”

“Gloria, I’m going out of town tomorrow and I won’t see Tabitha for at least a couple weeks.  Just tell me.”

“Oh dear, I really don’t think I should say anything.  I’m sorry.”

“Look Gloria, you have two choices.  You can tell me every single detail right now and I’ll act surprised when Tabitha calls me.  Or I will go call Tabitha right now and tell her you told me about the separation.  And I’ll fake like I know a lot more than I do and then she’ll be all pissed at you.  Its your choice.”

“Kelly, you are such a bitch.”

“True.  But you love me, and when you love someone you have to take the bad parts along with the good parts.  This is clearly one of my bad parts.  So spill.”

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