Rite of Passage

One of the nice things about managing a lot of men is that sometimes you can mess with them just for the hell of it.

“Kelly, it’s Michael.”

“What’s up?”

“I wanted to tell you I’m working from home today.  I have my two daughters this week and there is no school today.”

“Okay, that’s fine.  How are they doing, anyway?”

“Well, they are doing okay except I think my oldest daughter is about to become a woman.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“You know, she thinks she might be starting her, well, you know….”

“You mean her PERIOD, Michael?  Is that the word you’re trying to use? Period???”

“Yes, that.”

“Why can’t you say it?”

“I just can’t, I don’t know why.”

“How about MENSTRUATION?  Can you say that?”

“No.  My girls think its funny.  I don’t know why I can’t say it but I can’t.”

“Okay, whatever.  Is she having cramps?  Did she tell you that she has a heavy cramping feeling?  Are you prepared for this?”

“No, Kelly.  I’m not prepared.  I really didn’t think it would happen on my watch, if you know what I mean.”

“Hmm.  Well, at least tell me you’ve had a conversation with her, so she knows what to expect.”

“Yes, but now I have to go to the store and you know, well, buy, well, you know…”

“You mean TAMPONS Michael?  Or SANITARY PADS??  Good grief, you can’t say that either?”

“Don’t give me a hard time about this, Kelly.”

“Well, you need to go to the store and get her some supplies.  Do not buy tampons, she needs sanitary pads, okay?”


“Now, don’t freak out, but you want to get the kind with wings.”


“Yes, Michael, wings.  You’ll see them in the aisle.  There will be lots of boxes and types to choose from.  Just make sure you get the ones with wings.”


“Michael, are you there?”

“I think I might call my mom.”

“I think that’s an excellent idea.  Good luck with all of this.”


Categories: Observations, The Unexpected, Work

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  1. Just Stumbled on your blog, and haven’t stopped laughing since. You a funny, funny lady.
    Also wicked. I’ve gotten to pick on some of my guy friends over stuff like this. It provides laughs for days.

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