“Wax On, Wax Off”

screamingmanA good friend of mine owns a spa in California and I’ve been helping him with his marketing.  Part of this assistance included helping him set up a customer newsletter.  I showed him how to set up the template and add articles.  I thought the May issue was ready to go until I got a last minute phone call.

“Kelly, I need to add one more article to the newsletter and I can’t remember how to do this.”

“Calm down.  I’ll help you.  What does the article need to say?  Send me the content.”

“I just need to let our customers know that we now have a male esthetician and we are offering Brazilian wax services for men.”

“Oh my God.  Is that a joke?”

“No, Kelly, I’m serious.”

“You mean that men in California are getting their balls waxed?”

“It’s a little more involved than that.”

“This explains a lot about the entire state of California.  All the men are walking around with bald balls.”

“Kelly, I need help writing this article.  I’m not looking to make a political statement.”

“Bald Balls.  I’m not sure I can write this for you.”

“Kelly, can you get serious, please?

“Do you have bald balls?”

“Kelly, I’m hanging up on you now.”

“Oh my God.  I’m getting a visual.  I don’t want to talk to you for a week.”

“Goodbye, Kelly.”

“I love you, my bald, bald friend.”

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