Another Fun Monday Night at the Harman House

talkingBob:  “You’re typing too loud.”

Kelly: “You’re just jealous because I type faster than you can think.”

Bob:  “When I buy that voice recognition software, you are going to be toast.”

Kelly:  “No, I’ll still beat you, because studies have proven that women say about 11,000 words a day, and men only say about 2,400 words a day.”

Bob:  “Just because you say more words each day doesn’t mean you can talk faster.”

Kelly:  “Of course it does.  I have a lot more practice.  I’m going to kick your ass.”

Bob:  “How can you even say 11,000 words a day?”

Kelly:  “How can you not?  You go spend 5 hours with your friends on the golf course and when you come back, you can’t tell me one conversation that you had with them.  That’s not normal, Bob.”

Bob:  “Of course its normal.  It’s a golf game, not a therapy session.

Kelly:  “With women, every event is an opportunity to have a therapy session.  Let me show you how its done.  Let’s start talking about our feelings and emotions.  Then we can move on to our hopes and dreams.  You start.”

Bob:  “Go back to typing, Kelly.  I’m done sharing.”


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