Raining Cats

Sadie has decided to amuse herself by chasing her tail while balancing herself on the stair railing on the second floor.  Unfortunately, she is not a very raining catscoordinated cat.  This is a proven fact, based on the time she caught herself on fire.

This morning as I was walking out of my office, she fell from the second floor stair rail and landed directly in front of me.  One millisecond sooner and that stupid cat would have landed on my head and most likely, scratched her way down the front of my face.  I’ve already had to get stitches once this month.  I am not in the mood to get them again.  Especially on my face.

After a splat landing on the floor, Sadie pulled herself together and stared me down.  “I meant to do that,” she said to me with her eyes.  “You are lucky I didn’t land on your face.”



Categories: Observations, The Unexpected

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  1. I love Sadie- she is so funny!

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