Mars and Venus

“Bob, I’m so glad you can come to my company Christmas party in Connecticut.  The Mohegan Sun is supposed to be a pretty cool place.”


“But since I will have been attending the sales conference for 4 days prior, I’m going to be exhausted, so I’ve arranged to have a massage at the hotel spa a few hours before the party.”


“So you’ll have to entertain yourself for a couple hours at the casino.  Try not to gamble away our retirement.”

“No problem.”

“I’ve also made an appointment to get my makeup done for the party.  I’m tired of trying to figure out how to do that smoky eye makeup thing by myself.  Plus I want to try fake eyelashes and the last time I did that on my own I looked like I had two dead spiders on my face.”


“Bob, you look confused.  What part of this conversation did you not understand?”

“Aren’t you going to be spending the entire week at the sales conference with all the people going to the party?”


“Well, they’ve already seen your face, haven’t they?”

“Good grief Bob, what does that mean?  Of course they see my face.”

“Well, if they already know what your face looks like, why do you have to pay someone to put makeup on it?  They already know what you look like.”

“Okay, Bob.  Sharing time is over.  You can go watch t.v. now.”

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