Wegost Press

As part of my ongoing adventure in self-publishing (also called artisan publishing), I had to select a name for my publishing company.  This was more difficult than I expected.  I spent a lot of time putting different words in front of “Press” or “Publishing” and could not find anything that resonated.

Then I remembered the newsletter that my marketing company used to send to customers.  This was back in 2003 when every business HAD to have a newsletter, much the same way every business MUST have a blog today.  I called an old friend of mine for some advice.  He had a very successful newsletter that he had used to build up his consulting practice.  I asked him if he had any wisdom to impart, and he said, “Kelly, starting a newsletter is a lot like marrying a nymphomaniac.  At first, it seems like a really good idea…”

Taking this extremely sage advice into consideration, I decided to call our newsletter the “Wegost Periodical.”  “Wegost” stood for “We got our shit together.”  And I called it a periodical so we didn’t have to commit to any specific delivery date.  Basically, I would tell my customers, “When we get our shit together, you’ll get the newsletter.”

It seems only fitting then, since it has taken me quite a while – years in fact – to get my shit together, that I now adopt the same name for my publishing company.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I proudly introduce to you – Wegost Press.

wegost press

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3 replies

  1. I love it!

    Better than SNAFU or FUBAR.

  2. It’s absolutely perfect!

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