How to mess with your husband in 5 easy steps

Well, much to my disappointment the football strike is over. And as I write this, my husband is sitting in the living room once again watching Sunday night football. So, here are 5 things you can do to mess with your husband during football season:

1. Walk past him holding a cordless drill, a hammer, a piece of paper and a determined expression.

2. Put on a serious face, wait until a critical part of the game and then sit on the couch next to him and say, “We need to talk about our relationship.”

3. Take all your clothes off, stand naked between him and the television and announce, “I’m bored.”

4. Download a documentary about the secret life of prostitutes onto your iPad and then watch it while sitting next to your husband . Headphones are optional.

5. Go buy the book “Football for Dummies” and a jersey of the team he hates the most. Sit next to him in the jersey, open up the book and start asking a lot of questions.

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  1. Oh goody… you are back on form. Brilliant post which made me laugh out loud. Just wondering which tactic worked the best on Bob…

  2. I linked this on my facebook, and the general consensus is #1 would be the most effective.
    Alas, my husband is wise to my tricks and would either offer to help or start laughing at me. If I broke something he’d just tell me how to fix it.

  3. And did any of these brilliant strategies work?

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