Scary Car Wash People

Every Saturday morning I drive to the farmer’s market in Old Town Manassas.  I take the same side streets, which route me through the historical part of town.  Recently, a church group has been using a business parking lot to offer car washes in exchange for donations to the church.

They are terrifying.

I have never seen any single group take a car wash fund raiser so seriously in my life.  Either side of the narrow road is flanked by at least two sign-toting adults.  They are all waving their hand printed signs madly, gesticulating towards the parking lot and grimacing like someone shoved a hot poker up their collective asses.  You have to slow down to about 4 miles per hour because you are worried you may actually hit one of these people.  Unfortunately, because you are going so slow, they are able to get EXTREMELY close to your car.  Sort of like those Night of the Living Dead zombies.

When you drive by, because seriously, who in their right mind is going to actually STOP THE CAR, if you look in the rear view mirror you will see four adults moaning, groaning, and raising their hands in utter defeat.  That is until the next victim drives down the road.

I have now started taking a completely different route to the farmers’ market just so I can avoid these people.  I put this down as another argument against organized religion.

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  1. Hi,

    Are you referring to Manassas, Virginia?! Just curious as I can’t believe I stumbled upon a blog written by someone who could be my neighbor. =)

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