Dementia 101

The flight that was scheduled to leave at 2:10 pm today is still sitting on the tarmac at 5:45, with me sitting in seat 4D. At 4:00 the pilot announced that we’d be getting an update at 21:30.  Because we… Read More ›

Long Island

Today I am flying to La Guardia Airport and then driving to Long Island to visit with a new client.  I’ll be helping them with marketing strategy until Wednesday afternoon.  I am a little nervous about this trip.  This is… Read More ›

Why I Love Summer

I’ve just come from the local Farmer’s Market.  I have red, luscious sun-ripened tomatoes, peaches that actually smell like peaches, ruby red raspberries, plums that dribble juice down your chin when you bite into them, and crispy cucumbers that are… Read More ›

Ta Dahhhhh

I’m delighted to announce that my book, “Did I Say That Out Loud?” is available for purchase on Amazon.com.  You can buy the e-book or the print version.  The book has been a long time coming, and I couldn’t have… Read More ›