APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

photoI’ve been reading the book “APE” by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch.  As you can see by the photo, I have devoured the contents.  It has been an endless source of valuable information that has kept me from jumping off the roof of my house on more than one occasion.  I could not have gone this far down the self-publishing path without this wonderful resource.

Then I got to the part where Guy and Shawn explain how to lay out your book in Microsoft Word and then import it into Adobe InDesign.

You know how you watch those home improvement shows and they make it look like you could build an addition onto your house in two weekends with just a hammer and some duct tape?  Well, Guy and Shawn’s explanation on how to lay out your book in Adobe InDesign is about as useful as one of those home improvement shows.  My eyeballs are bleeding.

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  1. My brain would just explode… and I know how to use InDesign.

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