Arriving in Kilimanjaro

I flew into Mt. Kilimanjaro airport today. There is nothing more sobering than having the pilot announce we are at 18,000 feet altitude and you look out the window and see Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance and realize you are flying lower than you are going to climb.

I have met my fellow hikers and we have all bonded. One woman admitted she brought her flat iron. She also knew there was a spa on the hotel grounds. I think we will be friends.

Now there are five of us sitting in the dining room all on iPads. Talk about an ad for Apple. One of the hikers is a techno geek and he set up a website that will track our progress on GPS. I will post the website before we leave for the hike.

Tomorrow is gear check day. Fun fun.

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  1. What an adventure, Kelly!! All the best of luck for your extraordinary birthday celebration, crazy super woman! Will be thinking of you xx

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