Feeling Safe

I just want to add that I feel very fortunate to have friends and family who care for my safety and want to make sure I come home from Africa in one piece. I am also grateful for the support and encouragement everyone has given me during the preparation for the journey.

My friend Joanne gave me a St. Christopher medallion to wear during my adventure. “You are so Italian,” I told her. But I have it safely on a chain, next to a charm that has the names of my three grandchildren engraved in silver and I wear it always.

My friend Lucy, who works with me at Carousel Industries gave me a bracelet that has an egyptian charm to ward off evil and keep me safe. “I can’t wrap you in bubble wrap,” she said. “So here is a charm to keep you safe.” And I have that on my wrist next to a bracelet I bought with my good friend Pat on a trip to New York City.

“If you need encouragement,” said my mother, “you just call me from that mountain, no matter what the time.” I can picture myself half way up the climb and stopping the entire tour group (13 paying customers and 70 porters- yes I said 70 porters) and saying, “Stop everyone!!! I need to call my mother!!!”

You can laugh, but tomorrow I am going to buy one of those throw-away cell phones just in case…

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