My Goals for This Week

Well I’m flying back to Connecticut tomorrow on business.  Here are my goals for the week:
1.  I will not complain to the Jet Blue person that the system lost my flight information only to realize I’m flying United
2.  I will not lose my rental car.
3.  I will remember the name of my hotel.
4.  I will bring ear plugs so I don’t have to call someone’s room at 1:00 am yell “roll over”.
5.  I will not ask the front desk to call me “your highness” even though I am now a Silver Elite member and have no idea what benefits I’m entitled to and I think a small “your highness” once in a while isn’t really that big of a deal.
6.  I will not try to return my car to Thrifty when I rented it from Enterprise.

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