Looking for a Hero

“Hello, is this Julian Graham?” “Yes ma’am.” “Julian, my name is Kelly Harman.  I found your ad on Craig’s list.  You do hardscaping and landscaping, correct?” “Yes ma’am.” “Well Julian, I’m looking for a hero and I’m hoping that you… Read More ›


A conversation with my brother in his studio right before going on his Google+ Talk Show as a guest. “I’m excited about being on your show, Dan.” “I think you’ll do great.  But there is one thing we need to… Read More ›


“Grandma, who is this?” “His name is George.  I got him when I was a little girl just like you.” “He’s yours?” “Yes, he is mine.  But he is very old so I keep him in a safe and secret… Read More ›

Mars and Venus

“Bob, I’m so glad you can come to my company Christmas party in Connecticut.  The Mohegan Sun is supposed to be a pretty cool place.” “Yep.” “But since I will have been attending the sales conference for 4 days prior,… Read More ›