A conversation with my brother in his studio right before going on his Google+ Talk Show as a guest. “I’m excited about being on your show, Dan.” “I think you’ll do great.  But there is one thing we need to… Read More ›


“Grandma, who is this?” “His name is George.  I got him when I was a little girl just like you.” “He’s yours?” “Yes, he is mine.  But he is very old so I keep him in a safe and secret… Read More ›

Mars and Venus

“Bob, I’m so glad you can come to my company Christmas party in Connecticut.  The Mohegan Sun is supposed to be a pretty cool place.” “Yep.” “But since I will have been attending the sales conference for 4 days prior,… Read More ›

Nothing is Sacred

“So, Michael, how are things going with your daughters?” “I’m not sure I’m going to survive and they aren’t even teenagers yet.” “Yes, raising daughters is not for the weak.  But its important that you keep the lines of communication… Read More ›