Drama in the ER

I have a theory that the only reason married men stay alive is because their wives force them to eat healthy, exercise and visit the doctor when something appears to be wrong.  A perfect example is my husband Bob, who… Read More ›

Happy Gas

An update on my skin cancer saga…the surgeon’s office called to begin preparing me for my Moh’s surgery.  It is scheduled for February 9th. The Very Helpful Assistant wanted to make sure I remembered to get my referral, bring my… Read More ›

Butt Balls

“Why are tennis balls in the fruit bowl?” “They are for my butt.” “Pardon me?” “My butt, Bob, they are for my butt.” I’ve had back problems for 28 years.  Coincidentally, the same age as my son Gary.   I… Read More ›

Cry Like a Baby

“I’m going to cry like a baby,” I told the nurse. “I just want you to be prepared.” “Don’t worry, you’re only going to feel a slight pinch,” she replied. Then she pulled out a needle about eight feet long… Read More ›